Trains from Nepal, Drivers from India to Janakpur-Jayanagar


Kathmandu, the government should run its own train on the same Janakpur-Jainagar railway route, the government should bring manpower to train the railway from India. The railway department said that the necessary technical manpower is being brought from India, saying that there is no experience in using railways with Nepal.

The Railway Department has already started bringing a train by spending Rs 50 million with the Indian government. For this, the Government plans to conduct India Sea Dill till January 10, Tricik. At the same time, General Director General Ramram Mishra informed that the railway department will start the process of manpower to conduct the railway operation.

We conduct and manage the railway ourselves, we bring the technical manpower and the necessary driver’s power from India, “he said,” We will have to keep the facility available. “

This year, budget has also raised Rs. 50 million to buy a train on this train. Another 50 million days have been agreed by the Ministry of Finance.

Earlier, the Railway Department had conceptualized outsourcing by experienced foreign companies for 3 years to train, manage, and transfer their capabilities in Nepal. However, after launching its own railway, Nepal is also planning to conduct operations and management.



‘Some time the manpower coming from India train our manpower,’ says Mishra, “we can then train our vehicles by using our own technologies.”

Railway officials have to argue that there should be preparations for Indian workers for a few years because there is no experienced manpower in running Broadgog railway.

‘We do not even have experienced experienced trains. There are no technologies for repair. No manpower has achieved experience in the railway from the station manager, ‘General Director, Mishra said,’ In this case, we can not run the train ourselves. So, we bring out manpower out of a few years. ‘

Older gauge gauge of Kurkara-Janakpur-Jainagar railway has been removed and expanded as a broad gauge. This is being done through the Indian manufacturing company. Since the beginning of 2014 it started, Janakpur-Jainagar railway service has been closed in the past five years.

All the work on civil side has been expanded for Broad Gauge expansion. Bridges and bricks have been built. Stations have also been constructed. Now after coming to train, ‘Janakpur-Jainagar Railway’ will be re-operated.

In the 35-kilometer railway, the lick of a small size rail is removed and made of a large size. The Indian company has also built office buildings, customs offices, and employee’s housing houses.

The railway department is planning to bring the railway route from Vijaypura to Maharashtra. It is a plan to connect the railways to the Nijgadh in connection with the East Patheshasam railway line in Bardavas for 4 years. It is almost ready for Kurta-Janakpur-Jainagar block.