The CEO of the Agricultural Development Bank is very willing: May be applied till Monday

More than half a dozen bankers have shown desire to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Agricultural Development Bank, which has been opened since December 5.

According to a senior official of Agriculture Development Bank, there is a possibility that the bank will be more interested in getting the SEO due to the application of the applicants till the next Monday. Bankers have shown more flexibility to be SEO of the Agricultural Development Bank due to receipt of Rs. 2 lakh.

After the completion of the tenure of the bank’s CEO Lilprarak Situ, the government asked for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Agricultural Development Bank of Government Investment on December 5. Bank has published a notification and appealed to give a call for a break within 15 days.

Only those who have experienced 10 years working in the posting officer or above positions in the banking sector by applying post graduate recruitment or chartered academy in economics and economics can apply only. Upon applying for employment, a 5-digit word will be required to explain the business plan.

The recruitment committee will hold 5 persons in the list of applicants based on the educational qualifications and professional work plan. And, then, by applying a professional action plan to 5 people, then recommend 3 names based on a good presentation.

The government will appoint one of the 3 in recommendation to the CEO. The salary of the CEO, therefore, will be Rs.2050,000 a month. Apart from this, the bank will have other facilities.