Praise to ‘Prasad’ in the premiere


Praise to ‘Prasad’ in the premiere

Due to the songs of ‘La Lail’, the film “Prasad” coming from the show in Friday has got a good response. The filmmakers have praised the film at the Red Carpet Premier, organized in Big Moozz of the capital Wednesday. Most of the present have told the artist’s acting and story to be the strongest film of the film.

Dinesh Raut’s directive, the story of Sushil Poudel, is a film constructed by Subhash Thapa. Meetra Shrestha, Bipin Karki and Nishal Basnet have a roll roll. The film ‘Prasad’, the story of social-accreditation, with a mental conflicts in the middle of the husband and wife, due to selflessness, a psychological conflict arises.


When the film came out, actor KC expressed appreciation for the performance of the artist, praising artist’s performance. ‘Achle is a movie, making comedy genre’. “The Prasad” won the mind in the social messaging and emotional slogan as the comedy movie won the mind, “he said. Deepak Raj Giri said that this movie would be liked for a favorite audience.

The film has shown that the problems faced by a couple who had been married by international marriage, were not children in the life of a couple. Earlier, director Raut’s director, who proved himself as Abel in the LOVESTORY movie, is a fanatic. Writer of Poudel is mature. Director Thapa has not been able to invest. Nishchal is fit in his role.
In the film’s premier, actress Nitrat Shrestha became the focal point of attraction.

She challenged the cold winter of Kathmandu and was present in a very hot dress. She had been with Premier Sherpa in the premiere. Actor Bipin could not attend the reason due to the skeleton fitting and being in the bed restaurant. Nicholas had a presence. Nepal Idol ‘Top Five’ has also been competing to watch the movie.