Let’s take the Vote to make Nepal a Hindu nation: Sashank Koirala

Let’s take the vote to make Nepal a Hindu nation: Sashank Koirala

Chitwan Nepali Congress Minister Dr.Shashank Koirala has demanded Nepal to be a Hindu. He said that the country should make Hindurastra

Speaking at the bihrat dhandhanachhal , organized by the construction of Ganeshdham in Bharatpur, Koirala said that the nation should make the nation a nation based on the people’s condolences and votes. “My person wants Nepal to be Hinduism, but should not declare it by declaring it,” he said. He told that the right to decide about religion should be given to the people.


Koirala said that there will be a big debate about Hindu religion at the General Assembly meeting of Nepali Congress now. He argued that there should be freedom of religion in Nepal.
Koirala said that despite the hindu nation, freedom of religion will be the freedom of the people.