It’s like today’s Dollar

It’s like today’s Dollar
Kathmandu. Today, on Thursday (US dollar) the US dollar has decreased.

According to the Nepalese Bank Bank’s exchange rate, today the buyer’s price of tariff is Rs. 125 rupees, and the value of freight is Rs. 1313.

Similarly, the purchase price of a Malaysian Ringtit is Rs 27 Rupees 7 and the sale is Rs 27 Rupees 21. Similarly, the purchase of UK pounds is 143 rupees 66 rupees, and the buyer is Rs. 144 rupees 43.

The sale of a Saudi Riyadh is Rs.20 97 if the sale is 30 rupees 13. Similarly, a quantity rial purchase is 30 rupees 88 and selling rate 31 rupees is 5 rupees.

The bank has said that the rate of purchase of other foreign currencies and sales rates has thus been determined.