High probability of earthquake Scientific research says – ‘High potential of 8.5 magnitude earthquake in Nepal!’

Kathmandu. A study of Indian scientists has mentioned that the Himalayan region, along with Nepal, is at risk of the largest earthquake in history. The research conducted by the geologist CP Rajendra for the Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advance Scientific Research has mentioned that earthquake could be a major earthquake.

According to the article published in the Geological Journal of the Bangalore-based organization, it is said that in the Middle Himalayan region of South Asia, anywhere in the future, 8.5 magnitude earthquake can go.

This is a study conducted by the far-western Himalayas of Nepal and the statistics of Uttarakhand region of India. India has shown that one billion miles north of Beijing is going to Beijing every week. As a result, it has been mentioned that it is time to have some or something in the two-thirds of the Himalayas.

investigations were conducted with the help of geotrophic surveillance data related to the Geological Surveillance of India and its structural maps, Google Earth and Indian Space Agency ISRO.

Roger Wilham, a geologist professor of the United States University of Colorado, who is investigating the latest trend of the earthquake, has claimed that research researcher of the Indian scientist. Their conclusion that there is a danger to magnitude magnitude of magnitude 8.5 in the Himalayas. My own study had shown that some earthquake earthquake earthquake 8.7 magnitude from Eastern Almom to Nepal.

In 2015 a magnitude 7.8 magnitude went to the Gorkha center of Nepal. Wilham, who studied history of mountainous earthquakes, then mentioned that the earthquake was not the most destructive in the Himalayas. “The worst earthquake to be devastating can be killed by a million people,” he said, “governments should strengthen the buildings soon to prevent such disaster.” Gorkha earthquake lost 9 thousand lives in Nepal.