Deepak Raj says, ‘Now we can compete with Hollywood-Bollywood’

Deepak Raj says, ‘Now we can compete with Hollywood-Bollywood’

This year’s superhit movie, ‘Chakka Panja 3’, celebrated 51th day successfully in 13 halls, has honored artists,

technicians and media workers. While organizing a party of success in the capital of the capital on Tuesday, the team

had honored all those who helped the film through various means. The show was seen in a wide range of movie



Madan Krishna Shrestha, Neer Shah, Bhuvan KC, Pratraj Ojha, Karishma Manandhar, Vinod Sankhani, Sataram

Kattail, Kunjana Ghimir, and dozens of filmmakers congratulated the team for the 51th anniversary success. Most of

the success has achieved that the success achieved by the film is a major achievement for Nepalese film sector.

Speaking at the program, film artist, producer and writer Deepakraj Giri said that ‘Chakka Panja 3’ was not the only

success of his team. Expressing happiness, he said, “Chakka Panja 3” is not celebrating 51th day. This is the 51th day

of Nepali film field. I want to dedicate this happiness to the Nepalese film sector. “


He also said that success of Nepali film is a big ‘inconvenience’ by competing with the biggest market like Hollywood

and Bollywood. He says, ‘Hollywood / Bollywood’s expensive movies and our $ 1 million movies are in the same

screen, it looks like one day and the same money is seen. We are competing like this. ‘

He also said that the film ‘Chakka Panja 3’ is the success of the entire movie sector, with the Hollywood and

Bollywood movie trade done in business in Nepal. ‘We have limited resources. Therefore, Nepali film can not be

technologized. However, we can compete with Hollywood and Bollywood movies in the story, presentation and

originality, “he said.


Similarly, director Deeppiery Nouula said ‘Chhaka Panja 3’ was a great success to celebrate the 51th day. She also

says that the success achieved by the film is not only the team but Nepali movie. The film’s success in which he wants

to view the audience and the media. Kedar Ghimire and Jitu Nepal said that the success of the film is of every Nepali.

On the 51th day of the film, Raina Raut, Mark Bhattarai, Nirmal Sharma and Basundhara Bhashaal were also present

in the film. Deepika Prasai of lead filmmaker Deepika Prasai did not appear in the program. This film has received

information from the distributor who wins 17 million gross worldwide lands in 51 days of the show.