Barcelona’s problem with the injury of the player

Barcelona’s problem with the injury of the player

20 mrsir, Kathmandu Barcelona Copa Dale Rayma beat Cultural Lioness 4-1 in Wednesday night and made a place in the final 16, but the players witnessed a problem.

Barcelona won the first leg with 1-0 victory in the second leg, Dennis Swaraje’s two, Malcolm and Munir scored excellent victory.
After seeing injuries on the right leg in the game against the cultural leonasas, Malcolm was tired in the field. Malcolm was injured when three players had been changed.

Earlier, the injury caused by the injured in Barcelona has increased due to injury in the Malcolm resting 22 days due to injury.

Rafinka, Sergey Roberto, Samuel Ummati, Louise Swaraj, Arthur and Sergey Simper are also out of the field due to injury.

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